Channeling a strong local church towards their missionary connections


Biblical Investments


In Strategic Missions

Via qualified and capable leadership, we invest in such a way to entrust divine truth, a healthy church, and biblical ministries into the competent hands of missionaries who will do the same (2 Tim. 2:2). Our investment first …

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“Our communication efforts are committed to the thorough and accurate proclamation of the true gospel and teaching of sound doctrine.”

— Elijah Astor, Missions Coordinator | Tottenville Evangelical Free Church

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Theological Articles

The Life in Christ Ministries Daily Teachings takes you deep into select passages of the Bible, verse by verse—with occasional word by word studies if need be. The purpose for these teachings are as follows: personal and family devotions, Bible study, sermon preparation, clarity and confidence for all believers.

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Online Courses

The Life In Christ Academy (LCA) will provide biblical studies, discipleship to all committed believers and leadership training for evangelists, pastor-teachers, or elders in the work of building up local congregations in biblical doctrine and practice. LCA will be a certificate program intended to provide maturation at a low cost.

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Missional Blog

Where Biblical theology deals with ecclesiastical disputation and missiological controversy.

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Missionary Interviews

Where provisions of Biblical reflection and insight are made for the evangelist(s) or pastor-teacher(s) going or on the mission-field.

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Our purpose of existence is to advance the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission by aiding in the equipping and mobilization of gifted local church leaders.




God has established a high standard of submission, holiness, and faithfulness for spiritual leaders, elders, and deacons (1 Tim. 3). To honor our missionaries for compliance, we endeavor to receive an account not only in doctrinal and academic matters, but moral, financial, and physical matters as well.

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Ways to Help

Your commitment to the Great Commission

is the focal point of our missions communication, and indigenous missions support.