Our mission is to fulfill our Vision by channeling a strong local church towards their missionary connections.


This happens as the church’s sent and/or supported missionaries receive the church’s support, resources, and tools they need to plant and pastor indigenous Bible-centered, Gospel-saturated, autonomous local churches, as well as recognize native elders and train them to send another generation of gifted and qualified indigenous church leaders who will serve in planting and pastoring as well.



As the missions-liaison committee of Tottenville Evangelical Free Church, we operate under the oversight of the elders and congregation of TEFC. As a result, all who toil at TEFCMC's central office are members of the said local church; personally known by its elders; and subservient to its instruction, direction, and correction.

We at TEFC believe that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God; therefore, we are committed to the systematic exposition of God's Word for the equipping and building up of His saints. Through the means of Biblical preaching we believe that God will glorify His name and the exalt the Gospel of His grace; we believe that He will build up His church and cause His saints to bear much fruit (primarily - love); we believe that He will cause us to be missions' minded (both domestically and internationally); and we are committed to working together to fulfilling those purposes.

Furthermore, in all things we desire to be Christ-centered. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; there is salvation nowhere else. As we seek to make known the Gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone, we desire to live Christ-centered lives that reflect the greatness of the One for whom we live. By God's grace we hope to walk in truth and love - personally and corporately.

Therefore, our mission, as members of TEFC is to honor Christ by making known His Gospel and the truth that is inseparable to it, together, as a local church; and, to live the Gospel, in truth and love, collectively, as a local church. Consequently, Christ is honored and his sent-out ones receive support, resources, and tools in a manner worthy of Christ.




By channeling dedicated missions ministries within our local church towards our supported missionaries and their ministries, we will see an unparalleled return on investment.
— Elijah Astor, Missions Coordinator | Tottenville Evangelical Free Church