TEFC Missions Communication, the missions committee of Tottenville Evangelical Free Church, exist to advance the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ in fulfillment of the Great Commission by aiding in the equipping and mobilization of gifted local church leaders to be excellent evangelists or pastors in service to Christ as they equip and mobilize native believers to do the same.

This happens as the church’s sent and/or supported missionaries receive the church’s support, resources, and tools they need to plant and pastor indigenous Bible-centered, Gospel-saturated, autonomous local churches, as well as recognize native elders and train them to send another generation of gifted and qualified indigenous church leaders who will serve in planting and pastoring as well.



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The materials and resources that this website provides are from active ministries within Tottenville Evangelical Free Church. The intent is to cultivate missions dispositions and aid evangelistic preaching and expository teaching internationally. The site will periodically be updated with new materials and HR connections as they become available.

Navigate the website, discover our ministries at TEFC and enjoy the strength of materials and resources available for you and your ministries.

For more information or access to aid in the equipping and mobilization of our gifted church leaders to advance in excellence as evangelists and/or pastors, help or contact us directly (see the bottom of this page). For more information on the depth and breadth of the training, our website offers for native disciples, see Our Training below or contact us directly (see the bottom of this page).




The resources channeled here by TEFC Missions Communication serves as a worldwide training extension of the training ministries of and within TEFC. Our website has the same purpose as a seminary — to advance the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ by providing a basic training program in theological education that will aid the equipping and mobilization of gifted church leaders. Our training program — like a modular-format Master of Divinity program — provides sufficient, bi-vocational, biblical, theological, expositional, and practical training for the Great Commission. Our unique structure of a bi-vocational, distance-learning program, combining both online and in-person training, will prove to be fundamentally efficient.

During our program, all curriculum content will be based on God’s inerrant Word, exhibiting scriptural absolutes within the careful analysis of various systems of theological thought, developed through the exegetical process, and employing the historical-grammatical hermeneutical method. The student(s) is expected, under meaningful accountability to their leaders and us, to reflect a life of increasing conformity to Christian leader/elder character qualities, a scriptural and coherent theology, a biblical and, at times, confrontational worldview, a biblical philosophy of ministry, and the development of ministry skills (e.g., leadership, communication, people, and administrative) for effective evangelism and pastor-teaching.

Our program is solely for native believers who are entering or advancing indigenous evangelistic and pastoral ministries on the mission field, who may work part-time or full-time, be involved in, accountable to, and have a ministry for their local church, and at the same time desire to study on a formal level but have no access to a seminary. We are convinced all Bible training is to remain from, towards, and within autonomous local churches. Therefore, we desire to deliver a program where indigenous leaders can stay in their home country or state, with and near their family and friends, in their local jobs, in their ministries for and within their local native church, and still be able to get (and ultimately provide) adequate theological education. 

Our training will continually be in modular-format (hybrid); not solely to channel training materials to our student(s) online and in person, but more specifically, to their native church's local geographical location (if socially/politically possible). We accomplish that task by conducting (a) Bible teaching conference(s) in the student(s) native land and providing enough tools and resources in person that our training program can continually be consumed in person (and online) in the student(s) local location. The student(s), in turn, can biblically invest in evangelistic and pastoral ministries and deliver this program (at their desired pace) to any native disciples who are planning to spend their lives in native or foreign missional vocations.

As the missions-liaison committee of Tottenville Evangelical Free Church, we operate under the oversight of the elders and congregation of TEFC. As a result, the elders of TEFC will consider applications for training only after an indigenous leader has demonstrated alignment with all of the above criteria and desires to become a student. If the requirements mentioned above are met, the native leader (prospective student) will enter a candidacy process with the understanding that at the end of said process, enrollment is not guaranteed even if all of the candidacy requirements are met. Instead, enrollment remains at the discretion of the elders of TEFC.